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Infection control at Brookholme

It is of paramount importance to all at Brookholme that our residents and staff remain safe. We also understand how important the control of infection is to potential residents and to those placing someone in care.

We have taken a number of precautions to protect the safety of everyone in our home:

Extra levels of care

Residents showing any sign of illness are cared for in their own rooms. A robust process is put in place at first sign of illness to prevent the spread of any infection to other residents and staff.

If residents choose to remain within their own room, all care can be provided in that room.

A programme of activities and regular interaction with staff is provided for those choosing to stay in their own rooms.

Facilities are still available for those who do not wish to interact with others, including spending time in the garden, which is encouraged by staff.

Social distancing is adhered to where possible, with residents keeping at a safe distance from one another during mealtimes, activities, and social interaction.

Staff measures

All our staff have training in the prevention and control of infection. We provide regular updates to ensure that everyone at Brookholme is up to date on the latest recommendations.

We fully adhere to government guidance with regards to personal protective equipment (PPE), with our staff wearing the appropriate PPE at all times.

We have a good, regular supply of the required PPE and hold emergency stocks within our home.

Staff are encouraged not to use public transport when travelling to and from work. They are provided with PPE which they are required to wear between their home and Brookholme Care Home as appropriate.

Staff are allocated different areas within the care home to work in, to minimise the risk of cross-infection.

Enhanced cleaning

The cleanliness of our home is extremely important to us and we have always operated a vigilant cleaning schedule.

This has been enhanced to include more frequent cleaning processes in every area of the home, with heightened attention to frequently touched areas such as handrails door handles etc.

We use specialised cleaning and disinfecting equipment throughout the care home.

COVID-19 monitoring

We routinely test staff for COVID-19 every week, and our staff are monitored daily for symptoms.

Any staff member showing signs of illness is asked to self-isolate for the required period.

Our residents are monitored daily for symptoms of COVID-19 as well as us looking for the softer signs of illness.

All residents are routinely offered COVID-19 tests every four weeks even if they are not showing any symptoms.

Contractors are monitored for symptoms of COVID-19 before entry to our home and are required to wear the appropriate PPE when entering our home and are also required to follow social distancing guidelines.

Further precautions planned at Brookholme:

• Contactless hand wash facilities at the entrance of the home

• Other contactless facilities, including toilets and sinks in communal areas

• Contactless light switches.

We are continually monitoring and reviewing the best ways to control and prevent infection at Brookholme Care Home.

Please feel free to contact our care home manager, Donna Redman, on 01246 569662 if you have any further questions regarding infection.